Our Afternoon Canoeing on the Maribrynong River

The 7th September was supposed to be a day out for Matthew, Kieran, Ambre and the intrepid leader to get some practice in before the big trip in November. Unfortunately, the weather (wind and rain) wasn't that kind to us, so the day was somewhat shortened. Of course, along with the weather, there was also the bridge works at Footscray which forced us back.

These photos show the sights from our viewpoint along the river. 

The landing at City West Water's 'Living Museum of the West'.

Houses on the hill behind Highpoint shopping centre.

Ambre and Kieran with the wind behind them. Now you two, didn't Harry teach you to have paddles on opposite sides?

Everywhere along the river there are units / houses like these.

We worked on the concept they are units rather than one house. But never the less, what a back yard

This concrete beast with it's own jetty wasn't bad either.

The boats, the trees, the water, the view, the house. What more can you ask for.

Lunch was in the horse ramp outside Flemington race course.

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