Venture2003 Car Wash

On Tuesday October 1st Kieran, Daniel, Matthew, Ambre and the Intrepid Leader washed the cars of the staff and others at Fallshaw Wheels and Castors in Sunshine, Victoria to raise money for their trip to Venture2003. The day was organised by Elaine (Kieran's mum) who worked for Fallshaw's. The weather certainly shone on us on the day and the water and money flowed.

 Thanks to all concerned, especially Mr Fallshaw for allowing us on to the premises for the day.

The intrepid leader finishes off a car by giving the headlights the going over while in the background Ambre makes a start on her mum's car.

Kieran helps out with one of the cars.

Ambre continues to work on her mum's car - it is a rather big one after all. It's probably Ambre's best side as well.

Service with a smile. This is Daniel (or is it Matthew) with one of Fallshaw's vacuum cleaners giving an employees car a real going over. Now boy's what did you do with all the coin you found under the seat???

Bouf came along to help as well. A drink was called for after a big job supervising.

Then it was a siesta in the shade.

After it was all over, it was a B.B.Q. lunch. Kieran and Ambre tuck in while the rest of us finished up - some people.

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