Point Nepean Bike Ride

On Saturday 27th April Ambre, Matthew and the intrepid leader went for a bike ride around Point Nepean National Park on the Mornington Peninsula. Those who have followed the television show 'The Mole' might remember during the second series a couple of the contestants had to unscramble the wiring on an explosive device before it exploded. This episode was filmed in the tunnels at Fort Nepean.

Point Nepean is quite an eerie place full of history. It is the site of Australia's first Quarantine and has several gun emplacements which were used to guard the entrance to Port Phillip Bay during WW I and WW II. While we didn't see anything that resembled what we would consider implements of war, there is never the less plenty to see and do.

On our way we called in at Arthur's Seat. Matthew and Ambre took the chair lift up while I drove the Venturer Mobile to meet them at the top.

I warned everyone before we left they better have good brakes and here's the reason why. Matthew has long gone and Ambre was doing her best trying to control my bike going down the long hill from the top of Arthur's Seat.


They were supposed to stop and enjoy the views, but I guess that's only something us older, more refined leader types do. Never the less, the scenery is spectacular.

At Point Nepean there are many observation posts where the soldiers kept 24 hour watch for the enemy. Here Ambre and Matthew try out one of the spots overlooking Bass Straight.

Gun placement number 6 at Fort Nepean. This is the site of the first shots fired in anger by Australia during both WW I and WW II.

Fort Pearce - For $5000, its up to you to decide - which one is the mole?

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