Vic Gathering - Mafeking Park

On the weekend of 6th, 7th and 8th December, the Unit again went to V.G. This year it was at the beginning of another 2 year rotation of venue - Mafeking Rover Park at Caveat. The change of site presented it's own problems, but the friendships rekindled more than made up for it.

We had Anne, Erin and Rhiannon from Deer Park Guides and Rachael and Ian from 1st Gisborne Venturers along with us on the weekend. These photos taken by Tim (using his new digital camera) and the Intrepid Leader (using his ancient OM1) show the fun we had.

For Daniel and Ambre, breakfast on Saturday was a mixture of Suimin (with or without water) and whatever the canteen had to offer. These two were some of the few who chose to sleep Friday night to give them the strength to see the rest of the weekend out.

With a bit of help from Ambre, Bouf tries on a helmet before taking a camel ride.

Daniel readies himself for the camel ride of his life.

Ambre and Daniel chose to follow up the rear watching everyone in front make fools of themselves.

I don't know what Daniel was doing to Ambre, but it was enough.

Tim (in the blue) and Rachael (in the pink) try it 'no hands'.

A view from the camels of the basket ball and volley ball areas. These area the areas the intrepid leader had the pleasure(?) of supervising on the Saturday afternoon.

One of the 4 x 4 Service Unit goes through the mud on the mudbash obstacle course.

Some may say why take this photo at all. It's a photo of the Toyota Hi-Lux ute before the owner decided to put it on its side in the mudbash obstacle course.

This is the cue lined up to have a go on 'THAT' jumping castle again. They are all sitting on a blow-up version of the table games of soccer.

Now, I knew we invited the Guides along for a reason. Here's Rhiannon waiting patiently on the dunking machine. Just as well everybody's arm is off.

Erin wasn't as lucky.

Wandering up the hill behind all the activities you come across the BMX track and some good views.

A view from the hill behind Mafeking Park (us old people like views).

Our little piece of home away from home.

Kieran and Tim having a go on the abseiling tower.

Ambre taking it easy with our neighbours on Sunday morning after a BIG Saturday night.

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