Bouf's Day Out At The F1GP

On Saturday 8th March, Bouf was fortunate enough to get a hold of a grandstand seat to the Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park. He visited many of the attractions and watched the support races and the practice and final qualifying sessions of the F1 from various parts of the track. These photos were taken by his minders for the day and show just some of the sights.

Oh, and just for the record Michael Schumaker qualified on pole but finished 6th in the race.

Prost Stand, Section C, Row B, Seat 31

A crowd favourite, the big burnout leading to the blown rear tyre.

Kimmi Raikenen in the McLaren Mercedes.

Cristiano Da Matta in one of the Toyotas.

Take note of all the carbon fibre in and around the motor. Helps boost the price but little else.

In the support event pits, Bouf took a look. He had to be restrained from taking a spanner to the motor of the Dodge Viper from the nations Cup event.

Hmmm. Add a Lamborghini Diablo and a Sam Newman together and what do you get? $40,000 damage of course. Would you believe the sponsor is 'Crazy John'.

This is one of the cars used in the triple challenge. It's last year's BMW Williams and it was driven by Marc Gene in the comparisons with a Castrol Commodore V8 Supercar (Larry Perkins) and a BMW 318i road car (Alan Moffat).

The navy was on hand to give demo fly-bys and allow the crowd up close. This one's a Sea King.

Bouf decided to keep a safe distance as the down drafts from the rotors made enough dust to make a bear cry.

And away they go.

Further along the way we came across a small drag racing display. This one's an alcohol funny car.

The power plant of one of the noisy machines. Pity they weren't allowed to start up.

This is about as close as Bouf could get to anything resembling an F1 but it was worth a photo.

Jason Bright on the track and Todd Kelly (who took Jason's spot at HRT) on the big screen.

But not as popular as the passes by the F111's or the FA18 Hornets. This one is doing one of it's slow, 'dirty' passes with flaps, wheels and drag hook down.

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