Hoadley Region's Ideals Course

On the weekend of the 14th and 15th June, 6 members of the Unit along with 20 others (some from Adelaide - Hi Daniel, Latoya and others) assembled at a Scout hall in South Melbourne for Hoadley Region's Ideals Course.

The course was designed to give the Venturers an insight into the way people look at life and examine the 'moral, social and religious customs' of others. During the weekend we participated in Scout's Owns, debated some very interesting subjects, had a visit from a speaker from World Vision and visited an Anglican Church, a Chinese Temple, the Shine of Remembrance and the Hari Krishna temple (more on this later). All in all, if this weekend didn't provoke discussions on the lifestyles of others, nothing will.

Then it was down to the business at hand and working out how we were going to tackle the debates. Arr yes, the debates. More on them later.

At St. Silas' Anglican Church the course got to look around the building and ask any questions they liked.

We also got to go where many others were not able.

Ambre and Andrew discuss their worth and the layout of the Anglican Church.

Two of the girls from Keilor have a look at the Church organ.

Daniel (1st Gisborne), Kieran, Daniel and Matthew at the Church's font.

The course visited the Shine of Remembrance on the Saturday afternoon.

All training courses should have a photo like this.

Ambre continued with the argument, I mean the debate, arguing any change in the current uniform's pants would be a good thing.

Daniel was next with his debate topic 'Should Same Sex Partners Be Allowed To Adopt'. Daniel argued for the negative and put up a good fight and won.

Kristy argued for the affirmative on this one and no Tim and Kieran, I'm not going to say any more.

Andrew argued in the negative on the topic 'That Social Nudity Is Acceptable'. Now there's an interesting one! Some of the comments from the audience were equally interesting causing the adjudicators to scramble for their coffee cups to stop them from laughing too much.

Ah, to bed to sleep. Every leader's dream. Pity most of the course thought 2 hours sleep was enough.

Next morning, it was Scouts Own time. I'm not sure if the course was listening intently or asleep with their eyes open.

The long and short of it all. Ambre to the left and Ben to the right, all 208 cm of him.

Kristy checks out the fishies at the Hari Krishna Temple in South Melbourne.

After our little interview with the Temple president it was off to lunch, at least I think it was called lunch. I would probably call it a few other things.

F.Y.I., Hari Krishnas are vegetarians and they eat their meals on the floor. Well Kieran, Ambre and Daniel agree with the floor bit, but they're not sure what we were served was ever vegetables!

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