For Kieran's Boot We Went Ice Skating

Wednesday 9th June saw us say 'Good-Bye' to Kieran in our usual way - a boot party. First, it was off to tea at La Porchetta then it was a short trip down the road to the Olympic Ice Skating Rink in Oakleigh. Would you believe that Oakleigh is the nearest ice skating rink to Deer Park? Well it is and we've been there 3 times now.

All round, a good time was had by all with no serious injuries. I think Daniel's shirt was the only thing that suffered all night.

Thanks go to Ambre, Jeff and Adrian from Derrimut Rovers who helped with the transport. The fact they get to mark off another activity with a Venturer Unit for the H.R.R.C. challenge is beside the point.


Tea at La Porchetta in Oakleigh was the first stop. Looks a bit like the insides of a Pizza Hut doesn't it.

Around the table - Adrian and Jeff (Derrimut Rovers), Daniel, Aaron, Ambre (Derrimut Rovers), Kristy, Tim, Kieran, Brendan (Sunbury Venturers), Ashleigh, Cameron and Bouf in the middle.

Jeff stuffed his face full of garlic bread. Little did he know what effect it would have on his pizza eating abilities.

Here we all are merrily eating our pizza's. Except for Jeff that is who is still stuffing in the garlic bread. Where is his pizza you ask? Good question I say. Seems it was given to another table.

Ah, Kieran. Someone must love you. And that someone is Kate and her friend Natasha. Old Gangshow flames, er I mean friends hey Kieran.

Exactly how many presents can you fit into a shoe box?

Interesting style Ambre. Oh, you are giving Bouf a help. Sure you are.

There you are Bouf. Where's your skates?

Daniel survey's the damage to his shirt while the Kieran, Tim and Brendan have a laugh at his expense.

The Venturers / Rovers that skate together are true friends together - Daniel, Andrew, Ambre and Matthew.

Hmm....What I could say about this one, but I won't. By the way it's Kate, Kieran and Natasha.

The Rovers hard at it watching everyone else. Aaron, Adrian (hidden) and Jeff. Now, exactly who is going to mudbash again?

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