Beach B.B.Q. at Sandridge Beach

Monday 21st November was supposed to be a canoeing and B.B.Q. night and there were several options on the plate for a venue. But the weather turned cold and the wind sprung up so the 'canoeing' part went out the window. So what were the options?? Well we could go to the local water authority park (Brimbank Park, if you know where that is), we could go on the Maribyrnong River somewhere, or we could go down the beach. After a quick vote, the beach it was.

Rachael turned up a little late with boyfriend Shane (an Alpha Theta Rover) and Konrad from 1st Kings Park Scouts came alone as part of the TRY Venturing scheme which made it all a relaxing, fun night to wind the year down.

Aaron gets the ball rolling with the long, long process of slowly cooking the meat while everyone else chips in and helps.

Now we're getting there. Kristy, Karina and Chris start to lend a hand.

With the meat well on the way, Kristy and Karina make a start on the salads. That's Konrad behind Kristy lending moral support (or something).

Food's all cooked so its time for the locusts to move in. You don't want to know what Kristy ended up doing with the drinks she is trying to open.

Konrad found a balloon :-)

and Chris looks very guilty (as usual).

Shane, Rachael and our hood in training, Kristy.

What a happy family - Konrad, Chris, Karina, Rachael, Shane and Kristy.

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