We Did Our Kayak and Canoe Charge Certificates

After many tries, on 13th, 14th and 15th May Ashleigh, Cameron, Sarah (linking from Scouts), Tim and the Intrepid Leader ventured down to the Werribee River to undertake / renew their kayak and canoe charge certificates. The Friday night saw the kayakers in the Werribee indoor pool practicing their eskimo rolls and escapes then on the Saturday and Sunday it was off to the colder and considerably murkier Werribee River with the canoers to further develop their skills.

Thanks to Harry and his team for providing the craft and their expertise to allow this weekend to go ahead. 

Unpacking the cars at Riverbend Park on the Werribee River.

Tim unloads his kayak (that's Tim on the left).

Quite a few people means quite a few craft.

Cameron getting help with his kayak.

All standing around waiting for the day to begin.

Cameron, Tim and the other kayakers play around while they wait for the canoeists.

A view downstream towards the dam wall.

Deep water rescues were on the menu for all canoers as part of their test.

Some capsizes were deliberate, some were accidental. Either way the water was VERY cold.

The quicker you could get out of the water, the better as this shot shows.

This is Mick. He was one of the instructors and when he said something, everyone listened.

Wouldn't you??

On the Sunday afternoon, a trip up river was in order so we could put into practice all the stokes we had learned over the past day and a half.

Some of us lacked a little direction though.

Cameron and Tim joined in on the trip on the way finding this pvc 'ramp' to play with.

It was supposed to allow experienced paddlers the thrill of rapids without there actually being any, but it didn't worry Cameron and Tim.

They just plodded along.

Tim practicing some turns.

While Cameron paddles around watching what is happening.

Nice skirt Tim.

Tim was given the opportunity to have a play in a somewhat different kayak.

And found it so much different to what he was used to. Thanks to Harry's son Paul for the lend.

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