Mud Bash - And The Cars Are Back

As usual, on the long weekend in June (11th, 12th and 13th to be exact) , the Victorian Rovers ran Mud Bash at Mafeking Rover Park. The difference this year was the cars were back after a 3 year absence and then fun was only just beginning. The Intrepid Leader had been promoting this event to the Unit for some time. But in the end, it was only Mark and the Intrepid Leader who ended up going to the visitors day on the Sunday and enjoying the sights and sounds of the event. Maybe next year more of the Unit will join in to see what fun Rovers can have with cars.

As an aside, the reason there hasn't been any cars at Mud Bash for the last 3 years is insurance. The answer was to form 'Rover Scout Motorsports' under the affiliation of C.A.M.S. and take it from there. The disclaimer in the event's Official Program however says it all.


The first of 3 events on the Sunday was the Motorkhana. This where the cars lined up and both driver and passenger were breath tested by the Police (as they did before every event).

'Chevota' and 'WeeEvil' were both examples of the V8 brigade.

Amaroo Rovers 'Taxi' with V8 power attempts the motorkhana track. More about the Taxi later.

'Gods Gift'. Now there's a nice little Torana. This car in particular was a well driven little car.

Rover tents as far as you can see and this was just one small area of the campsite. No-one can camp like a Rover can.

Nor can they be entertained like a Rover can by entertained. Why can't Venturers have their own stage like this at V.G.??

Time for lunch at the Mafeking Pub. They had the sense to have the V8 Supercar races on live from Shanghai as well.

Part of the hill climb course. This event was held on the Saturday.

It doesn't look very steep, but I can assure you Mt Quafftumla is quite a steep little hill.

The masses await the second event of the day - the obstacle course.

This is obstacle 4, one of the many water pits.

'RedErected' was the first car through and the first (of many) cars to be towed out.

At least it looks clean.

Remember the 'Taxi'? Well look carefully.

Oh dear, is the bonnet supposed to be like that? It was still going though and a couple of minutes later tried to launch itself into outer space over a jump it wasn't quite meant to go over quite that fast.

'Gods Gift' trying to steam itself to death after the previous water crossing.

Water and the internal combustion engine don't go together too well.

Never mind, it started again and disgorged about 20 litres of water out of the exhaust pipes which exited in front of the rear wheels.

This looked bad and it was.

Out of the water appeared this. How the crew stayed dry is beyond me.

Wait a minute. Isn't this cheating? Nope, it's 2WD only and Steph is driving.

You remember Steph. She's been a friend of the Unit from way back (and our Tim's sister). She still can't drive though and got the cruiser well and truly stuck.

Perhaps it was the little baby rear wheels that were the problem.

'Ludwig III'. Now here's a likely candidate.

And with a driver that knew what they were doing made it easily.

'WeeEvil'. With that clearance, a V8 under the bonnet and those tyres you'd think they'd do it easy. Well, you'd be wrong.

This is a Datsun 200B (you remember them) and this is as far as it went.

'U Wish' - a Monaro of sorts.

Unfortunately, the driver took the jump WAY too fast and nose dived into the water. Although you can't actually tell, the front of this car has been pushed back and down quite a way. The motor was making noises like the fan was in front of the radiator instead of behind it and the car's weekend was over. I'm sure the crew celebrated that night anyway.

This is one of the other camel's hump type jumps which also claimed a few cars.

The last event of the day was care of the Australian Army. One of the leaders kindly provided his car.........

and the Army kindly provided and Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Oh dear, this looks expensive!!!

Let's see the leader explain this to his insurance company !!!

MY CAR !!!


You've looked at the pictures, now watch the movies !!!

The 'Taxi' attempting the Motorkhana (2.1 mb)

'God's Gift' doing the same thing (1.8 mb)

'Ebony' makes it through the mud (2.6 mb)

Berembong makes it through the snake pit (1.7 mb)

Strike 1 to the A.P.C. (945 kb)

Strike 2 to the A.P.C. (974 kb)

Strike 3 is too painful to watch.

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