Our Weekend at the (no) Snow

The last weekend in July is traditionally Venturer Weekend at the W.F. Waters Rover Chalet at Mt Baw Baw and, as with the last few years, we were there. I say 'we' but in actual fact it was only Cameron, Tim, Bouf (making a welcome return to the Unit after a prolonged snooze) and the Intrepid Leader.

The only drawback this year was the lack of snow. Yes, that's it. Despite the praying and careful consideration of the web site, snow hadn't fallen at Mt Baw Baw for over 10 days prior to the weekend and the results were certainly very obvious.

It didn't matter though as the accommodation was great, the company was good and the lack of snow gave us the opportunity to do some bush walking and the things we wouldn't otherwise be able to do.


The driveway to the chalet is usually buried under the snow.

Compare this to the photo from 2002.

The W.F. Waters Rover Chalet.

You can tell the number of people who we on the mountain from the number of cars in the car park.

The new Mountain Cafe and Shop.

Cameron and Tim had no trouble trying on their snowboard and skis.

Normally we ski to the building to by the lift tickets.

The mud replaced snow at the base of Tank Hill. At least the sun was out.

Tank Hill, the only run that was open on the weekend.

The learners and others gather around the ski tow on Tank Hill.

After their lessons, both Tim and Cameron let lose on the lift on Tank Hill.

Cameron takes it all in his stride.

The 'magic carpet' sitting up out of the snow.

Cameron shows his expertise at snow ploughing.

Saturday night saw the usual very yummy roast. David (VL - Warragul Venturers) shows his expertise on the carving knife.

Then it was his Venturer Unit's turn to wash the dishes. Do you notice anything about the sex of the Warragul Venturer Unit??

It was the 'Miss Baw Baw' pageant at the Alpine Hotel on the Saturday night. Unfortunately, the Venturers entrant was unable to attend. Something about his (I mean her) age.

On the Sunday Cameron, Tim, Bouf and the Intrepid Leader went for a walk along the Summit Trail.

There was still some snow on the ground under the trees.

The views were fantastic. This is a view over the Latrobe Valley.

We found a snow groomer on our walk. Bouf couldn't help examining it first hand.

They are weird looking machines.

This one was even open (oops). Of course Bouf had to have a look inside.

If you have ever looked at the Mount Baw Baw website, you'll have seen the web cam looking at the summit. Well here's the camera on the back of the shed.

And this is the view you get.

Bouf had a sit on one of the ski tows as well.

Then he raced Cameron to the top of the cairn at the summit.

Just to prove we made it - all 1546 metres of it.

This Muellers Lookout, just behind the summit.

A view from the lookout. It doesn't look much, but it's a spectacular place.

Looking down the Summit run towards Tank Hill in the distance.

The Ski Tube - obviously not in use.

After the big walk and fun in the snow, Bouf warms up by the heater in the chalet.

Our Movies

Tim On The Ski Tow On His Snowboard (1.8 mb)

Cameron Downhill On The Skis (1.5mb)

Cameron On The Ski Tow On His Skis (2.1 mb)

Tim Downhill On The Snowboard (1.8 mb)

On the Thursday after we returned, Baw Baw had 25 cm of beautiful, fluffy white snow. These photos are from the Mount Baw Baw website on the Friday morning.

The Mountain Sports Centre looking from the base of Tank Hill.

The view from the the shed looking towards the summit.

Flogs Hollow toboggan run.

Tank Hill where Tim and Cameron did their skiing.


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