Kristy and Mark's Boot

After 3 years and 5 months of Venturing, on Monday 10th July we said good-bye to Mark and Kristy as they progressed to Rovers.

Mark came to us from 1st Taylors Lakes Scouts and while he was one of our quieter Venturers, he was always there when it came to going to activities, he even did Hoadley Hide in his last year with the Unit. Mark wasn't one for earning badges, he just cruised along having fun and giving us a laugh. We'll miss him.

Kristy on the other hand gave the Intrepid Leader 3 years and 5 months of pure hell. The attitude, the boys, the activities, the boys, the ideas, the boys, the laughs and, of course, the boys. Kristy was full on in every aspect and the Intrepid Leader's last chance of getting a Queen's Scout out of his own children. Oh well.

Both Mark and Kristy moved on to Keith Farquhar Rover Crew and I'm pleased to report the Crew survived the ideal.

To top it all off, the following article appeared in the July/August edition of 'INTERCHANGE', a magazine for Venturers and Rovers. Thanks David.

On Monday 10th July, the 1st Deer Park Venturer Unit arranged a night at Melton Wave Pool with the Keith Farquhar Rover Crew which served as the going up ceremony for two members - Kristy and Mark. As the Venturers and Rovers got changed and into the warm waters of the pool (it was a cold night) they were pleased to find Central Venturers already in the water. The meeting had not been planned but it was a welcomed opportunity for the 1st Deer Park guys to socialise and the Keith Farquhar Crew to try and find a few more Venturers looking to link.

After some time splashing about, the Deer Park Unit and Keith Farquhar Rover Crew headed to the main street of Melton for pizzas and the going up ceremony. The sight of so many Rovers and Venturers in uniform in public would have been good PR other than the restaurant (and main street) were empty. After sitting down and working out how much soft drink was needed, it was time for the ceremony. The Unit Chairperson presented the two departing members with cards and spoke about their time in the Unit. Kristy's work on the Unit Council was acknowledged and Mark's regular participation was highlighted. The Unit presented members with a camp chair each, Kristy got blue for boys and mark got an olive chair which he was told could be called khaki to sound manlier. The Crew were fast to point out how useful the chairs would be for Mudbash and Crew weekends at Rowallan Scout camp. The Unit then went to one end of the restaurant to do their farewell thing. From where the Crew was all we could see was hand shaking. Then the Leader brought to the Crew (who made a perfectly shaped horseshoe and that is a rare thing) the new members who were welcomed and introduced to their sponsors.

Then it was pizza time. $175.00 later and it was home time. This was a very good night and enjoyed by both Unit and Crew.


It was swimming beforehand at Melton Waves to work up an appetite then off to a local pizza restaurant for tea.

Mark and Karina think about ordering.

Kristy examines the menu.

Looking up the table: Karina, Sarah, Kristy the Rick, Ashleigh and Nathan's head.

All fired up waiting for tea. Al, Rick, Ashleigh, Nathan, Chris, Rachael, Cameron, Karina, Sarah and Mark.

Mark and Kristy listen intently.

After tea and it was time for the ceremony.

Kristy and Mark await their fate.

Saying good-bye is always difficult.

Especially for Chris and Mark. But then why is Mark smiling.

Wombat welcomes them into the Crew.

Rick is presented to Kristy as her sponsor. I think he's shaking her hand.

Wombat discusses Mark's future with him, I think.

Mark, meet Al.

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