Mudbash (or was it Dustbash)

On Sunday 11th June, the Intrepid leader made his way to Mafeking Park to watch Mudbash. The drought in the area didn't allow for much mud, but the Rovers weaved their magic and dumped water in the necessary pits.

It was open day and all the Venturers were welcome to attend but I guess more pressing (family?) engagements saw them all sitting at home in front of the heater. Some might say hey were the sensible ones as the temperature topped a whopping 6 degrees on the day. According to Kristy, who stayed Friday and Saturday nights with her future Rover Crew, minus 6 degrees at night made for some interesting ways to keep warm.

On the day, there was much catching up done as well as the usual watching of Rovers showing they really have no idea when it comes to driving cars :-) 


The 'sudden death' of the mud pit on the obstacle course before the event started. The latter photos were taken from the other end when the action was hot.

The first, longer water trap where QLD's 'Mudahollic' almost rolled.

'Marty' on the motorkhana course.

Spectators (well those who were out of bed at an earlier hour) watching the motorkhana.

Amaroo Rovers (Avondale Heights) latest version of their stalwart 'The Cab'.

Some others lining up for the Mafeking Mile.

Ebony as seen in 2005 and 2006. Roll on 2007.

A view from the spectator hill on the Mafeking Mile course looking back towards the arena and the start of the obstacle course.

Kooranunda Rovers rounding the bend on the Mafeking Mile course.

Ummmm, I've forgotten who's car this was but I'm sure it didn't do anything spectacular :-)

Just what every Mudbash vehicle needs, home movies to show the grand kids on a rainy day. This one is in 'Gods Gift'.

They actually believed they were pushing. No-one had the heart to tell them it was down hill.

Kooranunda's attempt at a 'water feature' during the obstacle course. You'll be pleased to know the made it through, unlike some.

Mudahollic (all the way from Queensland) doing it's best to turn turtle.

and then to drown the occupants. Anyone who has ever been to Mudbash before knows you take this obstacle slowly and as far to the left as possible.

This is as far as it went. After this, it was towed to higher ground to dry out before it could continue with the other events.

Ahhhhh, a rear engined water feature. Just what the rescue crew needed.

There's a story here. Look carefully at the V in the bonnet. The radiator did that after they rocketed over the lip of the pit and nose dived into the water. Needless to say, they went no further on the day.


The Movies


One of the buggies on the Mafeking Mile (1618 kb)

Same buggy drowning itself (2692 kb)

Mongrel (from VG) on the Mafeking Mile (1473 kb)

God's Gift just ticking over (1882 kb)

Another buggy getting wet (4628 kb)

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