Brad's Coming Up Ceremony

August 16th saw the much anticipated going up ceremony for Brad. Brad actually comes from 1st Kings Park making him the 5th Venturer over time who comes from another Group into our Unit. Brad also has another unique tie to the Unit. For a time in the mid 80's, his mum was the Intrepid Leader's A.S.L. in another, now defunct, Group in Deer Park. If she only knew one day she would be untrusting her son into our care :-)


Like many before him, Brad crosses the 'bridge of death' to Venturers and survives

Unit Chairperson Sarah welcomes Brad to the Unit.

'5 In A Row' is always a popular game, even with a dirty camera lens.

A.S.L. Alexis confused the heck out of everyone with her 'In and Out' game.

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