We Went Trout Fishing

One thing even the Venturers don't really know about the Intrepid Leader is that he loooooves fishing. Fresh water, salt water, river, bay, lake, inshore, offshore, off the beach, from a boat, anywhere as long as they are biting. So it only seemed natural to put a trip to a trout farm on the program. Yes, it was easy fishing, but it guaranteed a catch and a fresh, fish B.B.Q. for lunch to boot.

After a bit of a surf of the internet, Eildon Trout Farm was the place of choice and a pretty good choice it was providing good fishing and a B.B.Q. for a fresh lunch.

To top the day off, there was of course Emily's pink jumper. For those of you who have seen the Unit around the traps, you might have noticed the pink jumper. It has been on every Venturer activity and what better way to extend it's repertoire that to give it a liberal coating of bait and fish scales. I'll leave the smell for you to imagine.


What's the first thing you do when you go fishing? You bait up of course.

Emily relaxes on the other side of one of the lakes.

Nigel's first catch, a nice brown trout.

The Intrepid Leader show's off one of his catches, again another brown.

So what else would you expect me to do??? Rex Hunt, eat your heart out!!

Nigel hooks into a bigger one. Fishing for trout can be real fun on light gear, even at a farm.

Emily landed an absolute beauty of a rainbow trout. She had just as much fun trying to get the hook out as she did catching the fish.

Even Bouf had a go. He didn't catch anything though.

What style, what poise.

And another one gets hooked.

Emily's rainbow and the infamous pink jumper. This photo went on the farm's honour board too.

We were lucky. The guy at the trout farm cleaned our fish for us. Next time .....

Nothing beats freshly caught and cleaned fish.

Wrapped in foil and cooked on the B.B.Q.

So what do you do after you've caught, cleaned and cooked the fish? You eat it of course, in true 1st Deer Park Venturer fashion.

After lunch a quick drive up the road was Eildon Weir, somewhat down on water. That's the old weir wall you can see sticking out of the water.

Emily looks over the old and new dam walls and north towards Bonnie Doon (can you feel the serenity?)

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