Our Time At RoVenture

 2007 was our 4th time at RoVenture held each year at TreeTops. Yes we've been every year since RoVenture was rekindled in 2004 and although we didn't win anything this year, in true 1st Deer Park fashion, we gave it our best shot.

Although the Rovers put on the activities, the enthusiasm of the Venturers was a little lacking, that was until Norma (Brimbank's V.L. - Venturers) brought out 'The Cup' and Brimbank's Venturers fought to be it's owners. The following photos show the Unit's members attempting the activities as apart of the challenge for the cup.

Unfortunately, the Intrepid Leader (and I think the Unit) was otherwise occupied when the Iron Gut was on so we missed out on a sure win. Rats :-)


Dilmah (Central Venturers) and Sarah try there luck at archery.

Emily, what style, what poise, what a dirty pink jumper

Brad gets the target in his sights.

Nigel showing us all how its done.

Volleyball should have been a shoe-in but it never quite worked out that way. Lack of sleep works wonders for your co-ordination.

Emily lines up stroke number 37 on the first whole of the mini-golf course.

Brad attempts his first birdie.

Sarah, Emily, Brad and the unknown girl who made the foursome on the mini-golf course.

Sarah working out that mini-golf isn't a game for gorillas.

Our RoVenture campsite.

Brad, as energetic as ever, watches as the big tent comes down.

How hard can it be to fold a fly on a 6 man tent?? By the look of Emily and Brad, pretty hard at the end on 2 days with minimal sleep.

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