Snow, Beautiful Snow

After 3 years of attending the Venturer weekend at the W.F. Waters Rover Chalet at Mt Baw Baw without any snow, this year the snow was the best in a decade. Driving up the mountain on the Friday night, the car's headlights shone on the snow in the trees and we knew we were in for a good weekend.

As usual, the chalet was full. This year Sarah, Emily (1st Kings Park Scouts), Nathan, Konrad and the Intrepid Leader were again joined by Warragul Venturers the remaining beds being taken by Newborough Venturers. 


Just after 9.00am and the lift ticket office was already busy.

Last year, this was just brown slush.

The road from the ski runs back to the village. What a sight.

Nathan on his first even ski lift. What an expert he turned out to be.

Tank Hill, where many a 1st Deer Park Venturer has tried their skills.

Both Konrad and Nathan thought it best try from half way up first.

Konrad was a master from the very first minute. I think he was foxing.

Nathan had a style all of his own but mastered Tank Hill before he knew it.

It was the official opening of the Baw Baw Cactus Rail Park on the weekend we were there.

So everyone was getting ready to strut there stuff.

If you don't want to ski you can always toboggan and it's much cheaper.

Just ask Sarah and Emily.

Who enjoyed a day on the slopes as much as anyone else.

Everyone always has time for a Group Hug.

What do you do after you've slid down the toboggan track, walk back up to the top of course.

It's a postcard isn't it and look at the sky. Who said winter in the snowfields was cold.

The W.F. Waters Rover Mini Chalet.

Here, our two snow bunnies (monsters?) contemplate what they can get up to next.

On the path from the day car park to the village, the Santa Police checked if everyone had a toboggan pass. Sarah, Emily and friend were sprung.

The Intrepid Leader's car in the overnight car park. I don't know if the lack of overnight snow was a good or bad thing.

How does the song go?? "There's a car in there, and a rock as well ...... "

On the Saturday afternoon, as the Intrepid Leader looked out the window, this is what he saw. What a way to spend a Saturday in the middle of winter.

In the absence of the VL and with much worry and studying of the Ceremonies Book, a very successful Investiture was held in the snow on the Saturday night.

A member of Warragul's Unit Council does the honour with the presentation of badges.

Finally, it was time the Group Scarf

Get used to Konrad, get used to it.

The investiture was almost over and this Warragul Venturer was waiting, waiting, waiting ..........

and the pile of snow got bigger and bigger and bigger. We didn't get a photo of the result but I promise you it was icky.

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