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At the Scout v's Venturer McDonalds Challenge in September 2001, a police fundraising bear appeared at the end of one of the tables. He was passed round by members of the Unit being pushed, prodded and personhandled. One thing, this bear was quickly accepted by one and all as being part of 1st Deer Park.

But the bear needed a name. According to Police records, he is Constable T. Bear, but that is a bit formal (and long) so we called him Bouf.

Bouf is going down the path of all Venturers, attending the required meetings and undergoing all the required approvals in his great Scouting journey. This page is dedicated to all the activities Bouf has undertaken with the Unit on his way to obtaining his Queens Scout.

A quick request. Venturer Units often have their special banners and mascots like Bouf so we have to be very careful where we take him and who we leave him with as he is very special to us. He's been missing 'in action' a couple of times and fortunately we have been able to recover him. If he is ever seen without one of his 1st Deer Park guardians, can you please let us know either via email or anonymously on our guest book.

Bouf's first appearance at a Unit function was at the McDonald's Challenge. He was brought along innocently by Ambre's mum to show a few of us what the latest police fund raiser was.

Bouf (as was quickly named) joined us on a number of activities and it was at the go-karts night at Action Formula 1 go-karts in South Morang (do I deserve a free ride for that one or what!!) that it was decided Bouf should become a formal member of the Unit.

Bouf used this night as his outdoor activity for his membership of the Unit. Unfortunately on the night his kart didn't lap as quickly as some of the others. Perhaps it was because the pedals were a wee bit out of reach.

Always a quiet achiever, Bouf needed help during his investiture at Vic Gathering. Here Daniel assist him with his recital of the Scout Promise - left paw on the flag, Scout sign with the right.

Lesley (Ambre's mum and Bouf's donator) and the intrepid leader thought long and hard about Bouf's uniform. In the end, Lesley made up the shirt, scarf and epaulettes while I downloaded, scanned and manipulated the badges onto iron transfer paper.

The net result is that Bouf has a complete set of badges for his uniform. It's all up to Bouf now to attend the activities and earn the badges - the same as any other Venturer.

Here's Bouf and the rest of the Venturers from Brimbank District at V.G. after his investiture.

Horse riding with Lisa (1st Epping), Ambre and Daniel was one of Bouf's favourite activities.

Getting the horses used to Bouf was no problem.

Bouf decided to do part of his Service Award by helping out in Box Office at Melbourne Gang Show. Here he is atop the ticket sellers league ladder during rehearsals.

Bouf has attended some really obscure activities for a bear and has shown some of his many talents alone the way. Our water activities weekend at Waranga Basin gave Bouf all sorts of opportunities.

Ice Skating was not quite his cup of tea, but he gave it a go. When we went to a night at the Olympic Ice-Skating rink in Oakleigh, little did we know that it was to close down shortly afterwards due to the public liability insurance problem.

The snow at Baw Baw was not his cup of tea. His fur was wet through after the snowball fight. But our weekend at the W.F. Waters chalet was one of the best we had spent.

Now, overseeing Natalie's Queen's Scout is right up Bouf's alley.

Breakfast in the sun on a dairy farm. What a way to start the day. We really must teach Bouf how to eat properly.

Not very adventurous is he. Ambre had to help him in with the under 12's flying fox at Lake Pertobe in Warrnambool.

It's a hard life.

Who said he's not adventurous. Wandering around the cave at Loch Ard gorge wasn't a problem at all.

Loves an ice-cream does our Bouf.


During our visit to the Police Air Wing, Bouf sat on the F.L.I.R. trying to get the best view. Trouble is that I think it would be a bit noisy and windy.

Bouf doesn't weigh much and he can say (if he could talk) that he was the only member of the Unit who actually got to sit in the helicopter.

I think Bouf needs longer legs if he is to reach the pedals. Besides, I don't think they steer with their noses anymore.

To raise money for Venture2003, the Unit held many carwashes and Bouf came along to help as well. A drink was called for after a big job supervising.


Then it was a siesta in the shade with lunch.

Ambre held a canoe expedition and Bouf came along to. He kept an eye on what went into the food barrel.

Before we put the canoes in the water, Bouf gave them the once over.

Bouf has always been a keen follower of Melbourne Gang Show. He always gets up early on rehearsal weekends and joins in on bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms at breakfast. Just what you need after a big night.

Bouf made it on stage in act 1. This is costume.

To say that Bouf was adopted by the Catering Team is an understatement. Where they went, Bouf went - what they did, Bouf did. Here he goes shopping with them at the weekend rehearsal.

Bouf had a big day out at the F1GP in 2003. His seat was Prost Stand, Section C, Row B, Seat 31

In the support event pits, Bouf took a look. He had to be restrained from taking a spanner to the motor of the Dodge Viper from the nations Cup event.

Bouf decided to keep a safe distance as the down drafts from the rotors made enough dust to make a bear cry.

This is about as close as Bouf could get to anything resembling an F1 but it was worth a photo.

At our night with 1st Taylors Lakes Scouts, Bouf tries one of the frying pans on for size.

Having tried out one of the frying pans, Bouf decide to tuck into a pancake. He lived to tell the story.

Ambre and the Intrepid Leader took Bouf with us when we went on a scenic trip to the Venture in Canberra. Close by to the Cowra POW Camp is the War Cemetery.

Bouf found the grave of a young boy who died when he was only 1 week old. There was no indication of the cause of death.

Bouf has a rest on the pit wall while he takes it all in.

Bouf takes in the views of the pit area from the top of the mountain....and what a mountain it is.


Ah, a home away from home. The intrepid leader's tent with Bouf keeping guard.

Life's tough. Bouf takes it easy resting in the shade outside his tent.


Bouf at the helm of our boat. Unfortunately, this boat later blew a motor bringing our day to an abrupt end.

Bouf gives Brenton a hand with his rod.


Before we went out, Bouf decided he'd better catch up on the rules and regulations of fishing in N.S.W.

At Hume District's 'Top Gun', Bouf watched on in his own little swing as the world rolled past.

Given the Unit's history in bridge making, Bouf thought he better give the bridge a try before Ashleigh did his going up from Scouts.

Always keen to make sure things go well, Bouf kept an eye on the proceedings at Daniel's Queen's Scout Presentation.

Ice skating is something Bouf has always enjoyed. Hmmm, but where's his skates?

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