Scouts v's Venturers Challenge

McDonald's Menu

Venturers are often seen as the strange lot who meet on the 'other night' and where the older Scouts disappear to never to be seen again (if you're lucky). At 1st Deer Park, in an effort to change all this, the Venturers issued a challenge to the Scouts as a means of getting together to know one another and having some fun. In 2001 the challenge consisted of each team eating a set McDonald's menu the winner being the team who would eat the most. This menu was predetermined and contained almost everything McDonald's had on offer at the time.

Little did the organiser know that 7 Venturers and the intrepid leader along with 7 Scouts and one of their leaders would eat everything McDonald's could throw at them. In the end it was a draw, Scouting who won and McDonald's who benefited financially.

If nothing else, the Scouts now know the Venturers (and vice-versa) and we live to tell the tale.

Chris, Jason, Chris (Central Venturers), Natalie and Dale wait patiently (?) with the Scouts for the food to arrive.

The all important reading of 'The Rules'. Rule 12 almost brought the whole show to a close right there and then. If it wasn't for the fact 2 of the Venturers committed a cardinal sin, it would have been a rather one sided challenge.

Don't ask me why, but the drinks arrived first and that threw out our entire game plan (not that it ended up making any difference).

Then came the food, enough to feed an army (or so I thought).

There was lots of chomping, talking and ensuring there was room to stuff more in. And after all that it was a draw!

This was the first activity for the Unit's newest member.

We trust that 'Bouf T. Bear' will be seen at more of the Unit's activities.

Hmm, is this a second leader eating the food or is Casper helping clear the empty wrappers?

A surprise organised by the Venturers. It was the intrepid leader's (21st with 25 extra years experience!) birthday in 4 days so it was a little early.

Never the less, a birthday is a birthday and what would a birthday celebration be without a cake and candle.

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