2002 Scouts v's Venturers Challenge

Go-Karts at Action Formula 1 Go-Karts

The night (Thursday 9th May) was dark and stormy

The track was wet and dark

We heard a splash and then a crash

Goodness, the Scout Leader has spun out again!!

This was supposed to be an all in fun night with us giving the 2 stroke karts a pounding before the Scouts arrived. The challenge was to then take place, but after an afternoon of heavy rain, the organisation of the night went pretty much out the window. The track was so slippery, the 2 strokes were out of the question. Never the less, it still turned out to be exciting just trying to keep the 4's on the track!! The first corner was suicide, the right hand hairpin impossible on the racing line and the left hander after the back straight reduced to a slow speed turn. The red mist came down and just about everyone spun off at least once. I found the way to go was just keep your foot into it on full opposite lock, hang on and hope for the best. Others weren't so lucky.

Check out the rules to the challenge here.

Here some of the Scouts and some friends get the low down from the pit crew.

Ready and raring to go. A few of the Scouts and their friends line up in the pit area awaiting the OK to make their way onto the track.


Do you get the idea it might have been a bit wet?. Well, you'd be right!

One of the Scouts looking as though he really didn't want to go out after all. I'm sure he didn't mean it.

Drivers, start your engines!!

What's this? It seems the only way the Venturers thought they could win the challenge was by doing away with one of the Scout's drivers!!

Even the Scout Leaders thought they would give it a go. After all, how difficult could it be with all that driving experience behind them?

Away We Go??

Vince can tell them. He might not have won the award for the most spins for the night, but I'm here to tell you it wasn't one of the youth members who won.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who this is. One thing I do know is that they are supposed to be going in a straight line, but look at the direction of the front wheels! Testimony as to how wet and slippery it was.


This is the pit exit area at Action Formula 1. A great place to go in the dry and the wet!!

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