Our Extreme Venture

Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home

Well, it's all over for another 3 years. Did I have fun? - you bet. Was it worth it? - you bet. Will I go to AV13 if I'm still around? - you bet. Sure there were some negatives (aren't there always) but these were far outweighed by the positives.

In the words of Molly Medlrum (she reads the news on SBS doesn't she Faye?) "Do Yourself A Favour" and make it to the next Venture if you can. 

I don't know why this lot even bothered to put their tents up as they never slept in them.

The hardest part, sorting out what's yours.

And so as the tents slowly disappear.....

Someone else will pick up all the stuff left behind.

Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day Of Rest

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea


Day Seven - Oysters and Fires Galore

Day Eight - Camp Sights


Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony


Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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