Day Four - Darling Harbour

After a rather leisurely start to day four, it was on to the buses and into Sydney to view some of the sights before it was on to the James Craig for the real adventure to start.

 Around mid-morning we joined the public at the Sydney Maritime Museum and spent a few hours there before wandering off around Darling Harbour to spend some money.  In the afternoon, John and Jeremy arranged for Zodiac trips around Sydney Harbour for those who wanted to get wet, which suited many given the heat.  Around 3.30pm it was time for a leisurely walk to the James Craig to 'learn the ropes' before settling into our hammocks for the night.

A view of the Sydney CBD from the Maritime Museum.  Sydney Tower was popular increasing the wait to get to the top to 2 hours.

Our vessel of choice, the 210 foot iron hulled 'James Craig'.

Some of the Unit at Darling Harbour getting ready for their Zodiac trip.

Cameron and some of the others on board one of the Zodiacs.

We arrive at the James Craig.

Some of the cruise boats that ferry people on their site seeing around the harbour.

Our host, Mr James Parbury.  What a guy.  He lived and breathed that boat.

Mr Parbury taught us all about the James Craig, some sea shanties, how to coil the ropes and how to raise the sails.  Naming the sails was a job in itself.

Then it was off on our 'watches' to give it a go.

Later that day it was time to sit and learn how to steer and turn and ship of this size.

I think we blew Mr Parbury away with our interest and knowledge of sailing and the use of the winds.

The guy asleep in the top bunk fooled every single one of us.  It was in fact a dummy but we had to touch him to prove it.

As a thank you, Melissa present Mr Parbury with a Venture shirt. 

The hammocks below desk where the Venturers were supposed to sleep.

Fletcher and Cameron enjoy supper below decks.

When you think of 'live entertainment' this isn't what normally springs to mind.

Where would you be on a big sailing ship without a skull and cross bones ??

The view of Sydney from up on deck.  Where else would you want to be ??

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